Extremely beautiful or amazing. Synonyms:Spine-tingling, astonishing, awe-inspiring, stunning, hair-raising, thrilling.

We think that this picture is perfect for the word, 'breathtaking' because it looks thrilling with the sunset and all the rest of the landscape is shadows. We think the colours have a big affect and they really give you the feeling of breathtaking. I think the photographer took this picture because he was inspired by the colours and wanted to put it on the Internet for everyone to enjoy. If someone saw it, not because of a word project but just because they passed by, their eyes would be drawn to the awe-inspiring sunset along the horizon. The lighting and the shapes really attract your mind and eyes and you wish you were experiencing the beauty of the beach. All this description leads to the conclusion: this picture is perfect for this activity.

We think it is suitable because the main focus on the map is on Rainbow Beach and the word 'rainbow' suits our picture and our word. Our picture looks like a beach so Rainbow Beach, espacially with the 'rainbow',is perfect for our picture. The backround colour of the map is similiar to a beach because it is navy blue.There are also white lines which we think look like waves.

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