Definition: forming a pleasing whole, sweet-sounding, tuneful, musical, exciting, graceful, loud and beautiful.

Music and harmony on Sydney harbour

This picture is very appropriate because harmonious means musical and the Opera House is a place where lots of musical performances are shown.
In this picture you can see the old buildings and the graceful water against the backdrop of the light musical sky.
When you see all these wonderful structures and the beauty of the water and sky it feels musical and calm.
All the peaceful boats rolling with the waves looks and feels wonderful and very musical.
The peacefulnes of this picture definitly shows the beauty of "harmonious".
This picture is also perfect for the word harmonious because just by looking at it you can almost hear the boats honking and the sweet sound coming from the opera house and the gentle rolling of the waves against the shore.
There is harmony between nature and the bustling city.
The gentle harbour ripples while the business of city life chugs on in the background.
As you can see in this picture there is the lovely old buildings that have been there for many many many years.
The beauty of these structures is that they match the harbour and the Opera House and match the scene perfectly because they are made of local sand stone.
There is also harmony between the new structures and sites and the old structures and sites.
when we look at this picture it gives us joy and straight away in our minds we think of music.
The trees the harbour and the sky are all the perfect balance and antidote to busy city life.
When we look at the Opera House or any part of this picture we think of and can almost hear the sweet, sour and melodious sound of the music coming from the opera house. This just completes the beauty of this picture and brings harmony to our ears.
This certainly is the perfect picture to explain harmonious.

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