Definition: growing thickly and strongly; having or characterised by luxuriant vegetation; abundant; plentiful; extremely productive; thriving


We think this looks lush because when we tried to look for an image we were thinking, let's look for something very green, full of plants.
After our discussion, we found a picture of a forest with lovely trees and then decided to find another. On our second attempt to find a picture, we found a piece of beautiful land of grass sprouting out of the ground, and after agreeing it was satisfying, we searched for it on Google Maps, only to find that it was located in Japan instead of Australia!
This picture here is our third attempt and we were really pleased because we finally found a lush photo in Australia!
We both think this picture is wonderful-excellent-satisfying- and really beautiful too - although we do prefer the Japan picture!
We think that this picture looks lush because of the extreme greenery; the picture is full of trees. We also thought that this picture was lush because the main colour in this picture is green.
Stephanie: I also really like waterfalls, and was thinking about doing one picture for one of our photos, so this is close enough!
Martina: I really prefered the Japan picture but this photo was so vibrant and colourful that I was still satisfied with it.

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