Making a splendid appearance or show; of exceptional beauty.Synonyms: Majestic, gorgeous, splendid, superb, impressive, brilliant, excellent.

We think this picture demonstrates the word magnificent because the sunset beyond the beautiful Harbour Bridge makes a beautiful reflection beyond the evening sky. It looks truly magnificent with the Bridge's fine siloette and sunset's vibrant colours.This detailed picture makes a splendid appearence and has exceptional beauty. The clouds above the sky seem to be harmless because the beauty of the rest of the photo is so sharp and astounding that the grey parts of the sky seem to not even be there. The colours above the Sydney Harbour Bridge seem to paint the sky with fine brushes. The way the sun blares out in the evening is just so blinding that it seems to be the main part of the picture. And it is. We loved most of all the golden sea spread below the Harbour Bridge.

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