Definition: [1] Characterised by quietness. [2] Belonging to a state of calm and quietness not war.
serene, calm, undisturbed, still, silent, luxuriant, tranquil, relaxed: a peaceful rainforest.

Peaceful Kakadu, Australia

This picture looks peaceful because it is sunrise and the exquisite national park is more attractive than ever with all the greenery and reflection. Kakadu is one of the most peaceful and luxuriant National Parks in Australia. As you may know, sunrise is one of the most beautiful parts of the day, and in one of the most peaceful national parks with all God's nature has created this vibrant picture. Kakadu has several wonderful lakes, mangroves and forests. The cloud shading the forest gives a scenic view with the sun and it's rays peeking through the bottom of the cloud. We chose this picture because it shows how peaceful and calm sights of Australia can be.

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