Definition: - adjective. Not expected; unforseen; surprising:

an unexpected pleasure; an unexpected development.

examples: It was unexpected when she popped out of the box


This is a photo of a moonbow - a rainbow at night. It was taken an 1o'clock in the morning at Fraser Island. I think that this photo reflects the word "unexpected" perfectly because would you expect to see a rainbow at night? Not really. The photographer has taken this picture perfectly. The light is spot on and the shadow of the umbrella just determines that this is a professional photograper and that this picture is not photo-shopped. The group of light clouds above the moonbow really brings out the moonbow. The tyre marks and the footprints create a bit of interest on the sandy road and all the other tyre marks show that this is a popular road and that this person has just witnessed a once in a lifetime experience.

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